Sunday, April 5, 2009

Scientific American MIND: Rapid thinking makes people happy.

"Accelerated thoughts may trigger the brain's novelty-loving reward system"

Intriguing article in the February 2009 issue of Scientific American MIND magazine about how rapid thinking and brainstorming can increase one's happiness, something that I've known all along from my studies about how the brain works. In addition to fast thinking, my experience from my coaching practice is that listening fast is also integral to one's optimism. If there is no one around for you to brainstorm or quickly problem solve with, you might actually speed up your iPod! (LOL, they go a little slow for me).

The important thing about fast thinking is that those around you generally understand and exchange with the fast person. On the flip side, the fast person has often slowed themselves in an effort to become methodical with their communication. That is necessary sometimes, but often times people have surrounded themselves with a cadre of others who think like they do but then feel challenged to be respectful, knowledgeable, consistant and thorough with their communication. And they often don't need to "slow" as it often drains and frustrates them when they do.

The optimism of fast thinking and its associated speed makes others wonder what the hidden messages are about the real conversation. But THIS type of brainstorming and fast thinking and learning has less in the way of hidden messages, than the slowed-down approach that our society often heralds. For me, it's exciting to keep pace with others and to create as many opportunities for fast exchanges and learning as possible. The ability to create these opportunities for my clients is what gives them their wings yet keeps them coming back. The connection I have with my clients is not only priceless but it's what gives them such new-found freedom. "Finally...!" I always hear them say, as if 100lbs was lifted from their mind.

If you're a fast thinker or enjoy period times of fast brainstorming, and you want to know how best to incorporate it into your business and life for sanity sake as well as your own personal happiness, call the person who is not only a fast thinker but a fast listener as well. There's a reason why I'm the "Business & Life Coach for Fast Thinking Adults." You'll be happy you made the call.

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